We’ve Been Busy!

Hi Parents,

Miss Carol’s idea to come together on Friday and plant flowers for our moms is the perfect springtime preschool project. Miss Carol, Amy and I have been busy dropping off planting bags and taking the time to say hello to preschoolers and their families (at a safe distance).  One parent wrote “my child was ecstatic after your visit. Her mood instantly lifted and she came in skipping and singing.” I know as a teacher it does my heart good to reconnect with as many of you as I can.

I am posting and sharing some recent photos that were sent to me. They are great examples of how very busy preschoolers can be even when not at school. I hope you enjoy them!

Made a cardboard ice cream truck


Decorating a canopy (and learning how to tie knots) in her room
Building the chicken coup with Dad
Used some scraps from the wood pile and designed a guitar which then played while riding this “horse”
Feeding the chicks
Cutting fresh flowers
Serving ice cream for breakfast

Preschool Update April 27, 2020

Dear Parents,

We had a rockin’ good time this morning at our preschool gathering. For those of you that couldn’t be there we had a read aloud called “The Poky Little Puppy, ”  got up and moved to an exercise video, and shared some things from home. During our sharing we had a beautiful rendition of “Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night,” played and sung by Jalynn on her pink ukulele.

This Wednesday, Ms. Neal, our Art Teacher, will join us at 9:30am to do a drawing activity with us.  Get your markers and paper ready!

On Friday morning we will again gather at 9:30am. and do a planting activity together for Mother’s Day.  Hoping you can join us on both days.

Parents continue to send in photos of their children showing us what they have been up to…biking, planting, and picking up trash in the neighborhood to help make a difference in our world.  Way to go!!

What Have YOU Been Doing?

Hi Parents,

Children continue to email me photos of themselves during this time and I know I enjoy seeing some of the things they are doing..  Here  are the most recent ones I’ve received.. Outdoor play, drawing, and creating. Taking care of the cows!

Ideas for Preschoolers April 23, 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope that these postings have been helpful and I would appreciate your feedback in the Comments section. I check it frequently and I think it’s a good way for me to monitor whether or not I am providing you with helpful ideas during these unusual times.

In this post, I am including some Math Activities that are hands-on and fun to do.  Please paste the link below in your browser to try them out.


Also there is a video that will get your preschooler up and moving to some engaging music. It did me!!

The Connecticut Science Center is offering some engaging  science activities.  Just copy the link into your browser:  https://mailchi.mp/ctsciencecenter/scienceathome?e=58a8d46a7c

On behalf of the Preschool Team we wish you all to stay safe and healthy.   Ruth Love




Screen vs Off Screen for Preschoolers

This site DEY is working hard to encourage young children to limit their screen time.  During the Covid-19 pandemic DEY realizes that sometimes our only way to communicate with friends and loved ones is by using technology and they are supporting that during this new normal.  They have posted some offscreen ideas for families on their website and I have pasted some of those below.

Ideas for Learning New Skills

The video  above uses puppetry to talk about the Corona virus and the feelings of young children.  I highly recommend it for our preschoolers.  Preview it and see what you think…




Earth Week Activities

Dear Parents,

Mr. Stewart, our fifth grade teacher at LES,  posted some wonderful ideas in relation to Earth Week. This link is to an Earth Day 2020 Choice Board.  Thank you Mr. Stewart!



The Curious Giraffe Show

Good morning Parents,

As we begin another week I thought your preschooler/preschoolers might enjoy Dorothy Cresswell’s Curious Giraffe Show. Dorothy has a wonderful way of connecting with young children through the use of puppet friends and song.  It’s something they can do independently.

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as can join us on Friday morning April 24th at 9:30am. when Ms. Liz gets us all up and moving. So make room in your house to get those dancing feet going..

What have you been doing?

Dear Preschoolers,

A few parents have sent me photos of their children during our time at home.  I decided to post some so that you can see what  others are up to.  I miss you all!  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do…I am also posting an exercise video that will get kids moving! (Thanks to Cindy and Lynn our PT mavens)



Take good care,

Ruth Love



Schedules for Preschoolers

Preschoolers fall into a separate category compared  to those children in grades K-6 in that they are still working on understanding  time. During this outbreak of Covid-19 and our being at home,  it is especially helpful to them to be able to see some sort of schedule.  At school we use a picture schedule that children learn to read and share with the class. The website “Khan Academy for Kids” has posted two different opportunities to make and print a picture schedule at home.  The first is a ready made picture  schedule and the second offers you the pictures to print and create your own.  Using a picture schedule will enable you to visually show your child that now it is time for them to ‘play’ while you do your work and when it is time for you to be together, they can see it on the schedule.



At preschool our morning circle begins with Calendar Time and Weather. I have included a little bit of that circle time for your child/children in the video above.

I am anxious to set up  Google Hangout with our preschoolers and will let you know when I have that all ready to go.  Thanks for your patience.





Miss You All

Hi Preschoolers,

It feels like a very long time since I have read you a story.  This is my first try recording one and I hope you like it.  It’s called “Bear Feels Sick.”

I miss seeing your faces and I really like the pictures some of you have emailed to me.

Please let me know if you liked this story.  It reminds me how important our friends are to us.

Sending hugs to you all!

Ruth Love