Schedules for Preschoolers

Preschoolers fall into a separate category compared  to those children in grades K-6 in that they are still working on understanding  time. During this outbreak of Covid-19 and our being at home,  it is especially helpful to them to be able to see some sort of schedule.  At school we use a picture schedule that children learn to read and share with the class. The website “Khan Academy for Kids” has posted two different opportunities to make and print a picture schedule at home.  The first is a ready made picture  schedule and the second offers you the pictures to print and create your own.  Using a picture schedule will enable you to visually show your child that now it is time for them to ‘play’ while you do your work and when it is time for you to be together, they can see it on the schedule.



At preschool our morning circle begins with Calendar Time and Weather. I have included a little bit of that circle time for your child/children in the video above.

I am anxious to set up  Google Hangout with our preschoolers and will let you know when I have that all ready to go.  Thanks for your patience.





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