Farm Animals

Dear Parents,

Our last unit of the year is often “farm animals,” as this is a wonderful learning experience for young preschoolers and an opportunity to learn about animal babies and their parents.

This link is a video of a teacher introducing farm animals to her class.  I like it because it uses various tools which engage young children.

As a followup to the introductory video here are some questions to explore with your preschooler/preschoolers:

  1. Let’s make a list of animals that live on a farm. Who are they?
  2. What do baby farm animals need to grow?  And what do children need to grow? Comparing baby animals to children
  3. Do all farm animals look like their parents?  Do all children look like their parents?
  4. Do all animals come from an egg?  Let’s make a list of the ones that do.  Then make a list of the ones that are born alive.

5.   What sounds to farm animals make?

6.  How do they move?

For older 4’s and 5’s this video of the farm focuses on letters as well as animals.

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